Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 1- Taking time

My official clean out is beginning, though I have been on retreat for two days now. These last two days have been....
1. sleeping in
2. going to yoga
3. hanging out with my sis Ash
4. biking with my friends
5. hanging out in my garden
6. cleaning out the basement and my bookshelves
7. massage, pedicure
8. reading
9. relaxing

So I was hesitant to set my official clean out because while on retreat I discovered I might want; pizza night with my sis, a drink with my friends, a little bit of TV, and cake for breakfast...ahhh, ok these don't fall into the guidelines but let me share them with you first.

Body clean out:
No alcohol, caffeine, processed foods, white sugar/ flour, limited animal products

Mental clean out:
No TV, 5 minutes a day of meditation, reading, writing

Spirit clean out:
daily practice of prayer, gratitude, forgiveness, and extending love

So Day 1 is officially set and these are my guidelines. Not rules, guidelines. I will let you know as I progress forward how this undertaking cleans my system and allows more freedom and love into my life.

Tomorrow will bring more time in my yard, and a full overhaul on the front slope. I will provide before/after pics. I am so excited!

On a side note: Everyone and I mean EVERYONE deserves a vacation at home. This has been so healing and inspiring to my soul and though I intend to enjoy the rest of my 3 days on retreat I am excited to go back to work and life refreshed.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 1 on deck- And a garden clean out

Today I enjoyed a day in the garden. Clearing away the clutter, debri, leaves, of last fall and allowing the spring growth to shine through. And what a sweet day it was, the sun was shining, it was warm and the beauty of spring was more evident with each pile of leaves I raked away from the garden. It looks so fresh and new and I was deeply in love with each moment of bringing the new growth to light. It was a pleasant reminder for me that as I am in process now of clearing away the clutter and debri of my mind, I can stay ever present and in love with the new growth that I am allowing to shine through in my life. It was a meditative experience, my mind was clear, and I was able to hear the "wisdom of my heart" clearly. Playing a sweet melody of joy and expectation for all the goodness and blooming that is to come!

I am taking Ashram next week. In the dictionary ashram is explained as "spiritual retreat". More to come on this but it will also be when I begin my official '30 day clean out' although I feel in truth it began today!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Still Day -1

Wondering where I am? What's up with the 30 day clean out? Me too....some resistance to this experience. Ahhh, the beautiful place of struggle we all get to own through out our lives. I will make a promise (as I did with my new shoes) that I will be on task by the end of the week. Sometimes we need a little time to make that jump from "I don't want to" over to "I know this is the best thing for me". I am going to sit on the other side for a few more minutes. Don't hate me for it. :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day -1/ Beginning again

Spring is about new beginnings and I am taking on new beginnings for my health, wealth, and the love of life. Starting Monday I am beginning the '30 day clean out'. More to come on this, I only must get through tomorrow's happy hour Flat tire clinic that involves wine (not allowed in the clean out) and as much sugar as I can possibly put down in one day (also not allowed on the clean out).

So details to come on my most melancholy Sunday night before the first day of the clean out. Sometimes getting what you want means doing some things that you don't!


Monday, April 5, 2010

Day- 0- New "boots"

So I did as I promised and by Thursday of last week bought my "new boots" a nice bright pair of slip-ons (not really slips ons but have made them such by loosening the laces)

Not my typical style these neon fenons, but will make for an interesting spring/summer.