Thursday, September 18, 2008

I am officially a blogger!

Well I guess it is time to I catching up with the day and age or just acquiescing to my cohorts, loved ones, and family? It seems this is the way to stay connected, or maybe THE way to document a day in the life of.... either way it seems this was inevitable. As my recently gained sister- in- law said when I shared with her my efforts in creating a wedding website..."you are only moments away from creating a blog". I guess she was right.

I definitely have a desire to share my life with those that are far removed from me, but also a desire to just...write. I thought about taking a class but perhaps this is the first step. Something to get me moving (and writing), something to keep me connected to those I love, something to fill the hours that would otherwise be spent napping or watching t.v. (both wasted activities, right?)

And here I am recently married, living my life, sharing it with the world, (or at least those willing to read) but most importantly the ones I love. This is my intro and I dare you to stay tuned to what comes of this blog. My bet is on a day to day commentary of a normal life, though it is never certain. I have been known to have some crazy experiences with some colorful tale telling that could lead to a check-in addiction, so heads up if some of your "wasted time" is on blogs, you might be spending a few hours here, I am a bit like that show you can't quite know what I am talking about...Flavor of Love, The Bachelor, Curb Appeal, Burn Notice, Monk, The Office, Oprah, Psych, My Name is Earl, ....oh my goodness I watch way too much t.v. maybe you don't (know what I am talking about).

I am on a mission to get it straight and live it straight though I happen to hit a number of bumps along the way. I am doing my best to make a difference in this world and this might not be the ticket but at least I can suss it out along the way. This is my best shot at life, take it or leave it!


a day in the life of a davis said...

Love your title,
Love your post,
Love everything!
Welcome to the Blogoshpere!

Beth said...

You are much more creative in your writing than me ... so fun that all the girls in our family are connected through the art of writing. Love you more (lym) mom

Kelley Larson said...

funny seeing you here...welcome!