Friday, October 10, 2008

A passion for life

It might seem funny to follow a Ho-hum post with a passion post but such is the ebb and flow of life. Two rather large occurrences have brought me to this topic. Here's my run down...

1. My monthly IntenSati training call highlighted a discussion on Integrity. The official sati definition of Integrity? An absence of contradiction between what you say and what you do. The essence of life is to live it fully, wildly, and lovingly. When the call finished I was stirred up a bit and when I thought about living my life wildy the word passion came to mind, and then the word obsession. So I checked out the official Webster definitions.
-Passion: any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling as love and hate
-Obsession: the domination of one's thoughts by a persistent idea, image, desire, or feeling.

I decided I need to be obsessed, consumed, diligent, laser-focused on creating thoughts that are positive, uplifting, affirming, strong, loving, peaceful, and joyful. If I let my guard down for one moment, negativity will seep into me infesting my mind, heart, and body. Then my passion will be snuffed out.

Interesting that another of the definitions in Webster for passion was in reference to the life of Christ (The passion of The Christ). He is the best example available of an individual being obsessed, consumed, diligent, laser-focused. He said himself that he needed to be 'about my father's business' when questioned about the object of his obsession. Thoughts of God kept him safe for 40 days in the desert and even in complete agony on the cross his thoughts were on God. Of course his life endeavor would be the definition of passion.

My conclusion? Obsession and passion go hand in hand. They are soul mates, best friends, peanut butter and jelly, what have you.

2.Michael Kaplan has a passion for life that is untouchable to any I have ever seen before. First let me give you some background...He is a dear friend that went in for a routine root canal last week. The area became infected and by Saturday he was rushed into surgery. They put him in ICU and since that first surgery he has had 3 more. The doctors continue to find abscesses that need to be drained and today they performed three separate procedures. In the midst of this he is lucid and aware, writing notes, asking not to be given pain medication (he wants to be able to participate in his recovery), and holding stronger that anything I've witnessed.

Over the last 4 days there have been countless people coming in to support and care for his wife, Pauline and offer their love, unconditionally, for a man that has played a large role in transforming many of their lives. Michael is a holistic health practitioner and healer.

Even I find my ho-hums transmuted into passionate sighs tonight. I elected to stay at the hospital on watch tonight so Pauline could rest some. On one of my visits to look in on Michael he motioned to me that he wanted to write. He asked how the surgery went, and then opened his right eye a bit (his face is quite swollen from all the invasive surgery and bacteria) and waved at me. He waved at me! Now be clear this man is on almost no pain medication (the nurse informed me she'd "die" if she was in his place) and has been through a horrendous ordeal this week, and he waved at me.

I can't help but feel a bit reticent while I type this and recall last week writing of my overwhelming doldrums and boredom. I am grateful to be here now, grateful, grateful, grateful.

Today I will look for opportunities to be obsessed and passionate in my life, my thoughts, and my dreams. Those opportunities may be hiding someplace I didn't think to look because I am sleeping. Today I will open my eyes, even if it is just one eye. Today I will wave at the world.

With passion, L-

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Sarah said...

WOW-here you are! I'm so happy to be reading your blog. Hope all goes well with your friend-it sounds horrible. We'll be praying for his speedy recovery.