Sunday, January 18, 2009

The final countdown

Only three more days and I will be sunning myself on the beautiful beaches of Vieques, Puerto Rico. I am beside myself after the last week of sub zero temperatures and going to multiple hot yoga classes a day isn't quite as effective when I walk outside and am instantly transformed into a walking icicle as the sweat from class freezes on my body.

I am reading You are what you eat and despite the author's best efforts I don't want to eat green leafy vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. The only thing that soothes my soul and freezing tucus is mashed potatoes, hot cocoa, and warm oatmeal cookies. Hardly a colorful and vibrant food selection, but what is to be expected when the closest thing around me to vibrant is my glowing white legs??

I'm a ready for some sun, waves, and natural heat, bring it on...the final countdown 3 days....

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