Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 30ish...+some. Farewell winter, farewell boots!

Ok, I am a terrible blogger. I admit it. I lack in the art of staying connected via blogspot. I am even more painfully aware of this as little over a week ago I helped my friend Donna (aka Blaise and don't ask why) set up a blog of her journey selling her home here in Mpls (so sad) and setting up a guest house in Austin (Tx of course, would anyone really blog their journey to Austin, Mn?) and within a week she has posted more often (and more interestingly) than I have since the beginning of the year. Well, you want funny? You want often? Then read her blog for goodness sake, about her little inn of horrors. But if you want Lisa then here you are, and here you will be, waiting for me to finally post. And of all the interesting things I have to write the most is related to what is MOST me; my boots.

Everyone knows Lisa and her boots. They come out in October and don't get sent away to the closet until nearly May. I have many reasons...1. I LOVE them. 2. They are so easy to get on and off. 3. They keep my feet toasty like I like them. 4. They add dramatic effect 5. They offer my ONE AND ONLY fashion statement (currently I can barely even rock the fake hair, it is always in a pony tail) 5. Did I mention they are so easy to slip on and off?

Today during our 75 degree weather I had to admit in 3/4 length stretchy pants (I guess I lied my second fashion statement is Lycra, not original though, Morgan works that much better than I do) and a tank top, I was getting a lot of funny looks. This compiled when in the studio I got many comments as well. So I guess, even though it is only almost April, it might be time to say farewell for the season.

In lieu of another 30 day(the next one is a whopper doozy and coming soon) I am posting a promise. I will find and buy (sorry Matt I have to) another pair of slip on shoes that are not flip flops (my other staple) by tomorrow night. Farewell sweet boots, until the cold-or semi- cold, or barely cold- or ONE day of snow, even if it is in September. And too bad Donna/Blaise you will be in Austin and miss out on the fan fare when I bring them out before Halloween, but I promise I will wear them when I come to visit you in Austin in the winter. Just for old times! And you'll be required to do hundreds of burpies!


Blaise said...

Ok, so here we finally have it. Definitive PROOF that global warming is indeed completely and utterly for real AND here in Minneapolis! The boots away before May?? NOOOOOOOOOO. Ok, well, yes it was 70+ degrees. But please don’t put them into ‘deep storage’. WAY at the back of the closet under a mound of other stuff. Keep them handy, there could still be a blizzard at 4:45am on a Thursday! Now, as for the new shoes, how about a nice pair of ballerina flats, preferably with a bow on the toe? They might help you rock the hair unbound? When you visit Austin, we’ll get you a pair of cowgirl boots. They are the perfect compliment to Lycra.

sarah said...

I want to get real cow girl boots in Austin too!!! I will help you with the hair my friend, like pretty much everything else, it just takes practice - you can TOTALLY and will TOTALLY rock the long hair!!! I like Blaise shoe idea. (for you, I can;t do true flats, hurt my very flat feet)