Thursday, May 27, 2010

Well hello, I've been a stranger

Yes it is true, I have been absent and my 30 day clean out turned into much of a bust. Based off of my experience of summer(spending time outdoors rather than in front of a computer screen) I've admitted to myself I might find great absence in the blogging world. I don't wish this though as my habit is that when I blog I also check in on YOUR blog. So I have decided to go where my heart calls so that I will stay connected. My heart calls me to my gardens. Though I know nothing of gardens I am learning more every day and wish to share with you what I learn and how it relates to my life. And so it is that if you are a regular reader of this blog, or a partial checker- inner, or a random reader, I invite you to join me now at Maryguitecontrary-lisa.blogspot it will be great fun and you can watch Mary quite contrary as she learns how her gardens grow. I am fairly excited about this new endeavor so I hope that you will follow all the good things that grow this summer; my flowers, my veggies, my shrubs, my life. Join me in the fun and we will re-establish the 30 day routine after this 100 days of summer.

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