Monday, November 16, 2009

Day 21- Celebrating LOVE

I went to my girlfriend Jenny's wedding in Az. over the weekend. Not only was there an abundance of relaxation for me (I proudly left my computer and my work in Minnesota) there was SO much love. It was amazing to spend time with the wedding girls the night before Jenny tied the knot and listen to all the stories we had to share about how much we appreciate and love Jenny, everything she has meant in our lives, and how thrilled we are that she found love with such a special guy. I really wouldn't have missed this for the world and even though shortly before I left I had doubts that there was enough (*see lack) money to fund my little getaway, I am so glad I stepped into trust and faith that it would work out, that there was abundance waiting for me, and that this trip was exactly what I needed. It was! I am so grateful I was there for Jenny's big day. It brought me back to a 1- 1/2 years ago when Matt and I took the same vow of love and catapulted me into a deep state of gratitude for all I have and the love that I share with my hubby! Teary- eyed I watched Jenny and Colin share their commitment with all of us and bleary-eyed I got on the plane the following morning at 5am to head home to Minnesota and into the arms of my true love. What a great weekend trip!

Matt and I share a kiss on our day

Jenny and I at her wedding

The girls of the wedding.

Jenny and Colin on their big day.

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