Monday, December 7, 2009

Giving without expectations- Day 6

My experience is going so well and I am especially engaged in ways I can give up for the enviorment. I have not used any throw away cups in 6 days and I am forgoing the cardboard cup cozy as well (even though secretly I love having it on the glass cups, it is so comforting). I had a challenging Saturday as I "gave up" my day off to get a number of things done that were on my list. This sort of giving up didn't feel so good and I did my best to remain connected to what I needed to get done without feeling bad. Ashley (my sis) and I went to Michael's to get a few things for my window boxes and the holiday lines have certainly begun (if you recall I did say I would give up complaining about being in these lines). Ashley waited in line and I popped my head into the $1 store next door and grabbed a few things and popped back over. Yes, she was STILL in line. I smiled. Here's my opportunity to be pleasant and accept that where I am is where I am. Even though it is in a holiday line I can still make the most of it, right? The woman behind us was CLEARLY upset about being here. She was huffing, and puffing, and if I had been one of the three little pigs she surely would have blown my house down. Again I smiled. And then....I offered her to move in front of us. I said, "you seem to be in a hurry, go ahead". She was definitely caught off guard and perhaps a bit embarrassed that she had been making such an obvious fuss? because for whatever reason she went ahead and did not offer any gratitude, as a matter of fact she acted even more put out. As we witnessed this Ashley commented on her lack of appreciation. I agreed, but also said, "you know, it's not why I did it, I didn't need to get anything back, and it is sad that she is so unhappy, hopefully we offered a spark of hope that all is not lost and she can let go and enjoy where she is". I certainly enjoyed the extra time with my sister and another opportunity to give AND be reminded that when I give from the heart, I receive, whether it is recognized or not. Tomorrow I will give my heart, full of love!

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