Thursday, December 10, 2009

Reciprocity/ you give and you receive- Day 9

Believe in your dream!

I know I touched on this already but I must reiterate, only because I want to be clear, and I want you to be clear, that what you give out comes back. Not only does it come back, it doubles, triples, quadruples, what have you. When you live your life from your soul's dream you can't help but have beauty, it manifests itself, without any effort at all.

As an example, think of all the times you have tried to "force" something to happen. You wanted it, you pushed for it, but you didn't believe it could miraculously happen and so you went about MAKING it happen no matter what. And what? What did you get? Were you really happy with a forced result? The things we most admire in our life, the times we look back on, are the ones that we enjoyed in the moment, the seconds we spent in the "zone", living, loving, being. It didn't require effort, it didn't require exertion, we just WERE.

I imagine this is how my cousin, Catherine feels when she is knitting hats for the homeless, I am sure in fact that the hours spent knitting pass by her, and the hats seem to knit themselves. I am so inspired by this and I KNOW knitting is not my forte, but I am inspired to do what I love and allow it be effortless. In what ways can I give effortlessly, and have it be a work of art for others?

In answer to that not so rhetorical question I say, my window boxes are not an offering to the homeless, however, it feels so good to dress my house for the season and share with others, driving by, how in love I am with this time of year. I proudly share my weekend work in the above pic, I was so excited to have it done before my sister came into town for my brother's wedding.

This weekend is a big one for sharing for me...Matt and I are sharing our house with my sis and her family, we will be sharing with everyone we love in my brother's wedding festivities, I have bags of clothing I went through to share with charity, and I continue to look forward to sharing time with my students.

Be sure to stay tuned for more of this. After all, sharing is a form of giving, and also a form of receiving, there is no better way to celebrate the gift of this season than an abundance of this.

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