Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 16- Taking care of the body

I am doing such a beautiful job of attending to and loving my body this month and then I hit *silent whisper* THE DREADED MIDDLE! I love how the middle always manifests as crisis and turmoil, or rather I am fascinated by it. My favorite thing to notice though is how each time I hit a different "middle" I get a little better at recognizing it, shifting my state of being, and moving through it.

Here's how this particular middle played out for me yesterday...
1. I fried my skin at the beach (of course I do not do this, EVER! I am diligent about my sun block, and yet here I am a boiled lobster).
2. I burned myself yet again when I put my hand in our kitchen sink full of water, right after someone had poured the boiling pasta water into it.
3. Ha, I am a slow learner...I burnt myself ONE LAST TIME when I brushed my arm over an empty burner that had been left on.


The answer was easy. After so many days getting set up for this trip, holding space for our group, for Mo and I as leaders, for caring for and arranging a beautiful first 3 days here....I needed to take some time out to care for myself! BY now I have been at this long enough that I am a much better listener than I used to be, and after 3 burns in one day, my ears were burning (so to speak). Just imagine what it used to take me to perk up!

Today I took the day off from our group and going to the beach and hung back at the house instead, to care for my body! I did this by staying out of the sun, taking a lingering shower, an indulgent nap, a beautiful and meditative walk, time out to hear the quiet.

And guess what? I am refreshed and renewed and I made it through another middle, how awesome! I am getting good at this, next time I will probably only need one minor catastrophe before I wake up. :)

There is no message in the sand today because I took care of myself by staying off the sand. So consider this the point of the day...I love myself enough to say yes to quiet and self-reflection when I am called to it.


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