Friday, January 8, 2010

Re-flaming the fire- Day 1

The new year is always an opportunity to ask yourself, "Where am I holding back?, Where can I step forward more boldly?" For me this means asking myself what I really want in my life. When I test out this question on myself I am confident that my greatest desire is to move deeper into healing modalities in relation to the body. I ask myself everyday, with every woman I work with, why do they loathe their bodies? And though this seems like a strong word it is the reality of our culture, women are not only disliking the body they live in, they are actually completely critical about how their presence manifests physically in this world. And I ask myself why? (the average body type is not 6', 120 lbs so why do we feel we must be that?), It isn't helping us as women to feel better about who we are and how we are in this world. I am taking this on for the next 30 days as I prepare to step into the ring again and train for a fight. I am asking myself...what is the ideal body type for me?, What feels best for me?, Do I LOVE my body? and if not why? What are the pieces of me that I believe make me less than perfect physically, and why is it less than perfect? Who decides? 30 days of astute attention to my body, my exercise, my food intake, how I feel about all of it, begins now.

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