Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 1- Taking time

My official clean out is beginning, though I have been on retreat for two days now. These last two days have been....
1. sleeping in
2. going to yoga
3. hanging out with my sis Ash
4. biking with my friends
5. hanging out in my garden
6. cleaning out the basement and my bookshelves
7. massage, pedicure
8. reading
9. relaxing

So I was hesitant to set my official clean out because while on retreat I discovered I might want; pizza night with my sis, a drink with my friends, a little bit of TV, and cake for breakfast...ahhh, ok these don't fall into the guidelines but let me share them with you first.

Body clean out:
No alcohol, caffeine, processed foods, white sugar/ flour, limited animal products

Mental clean out:
No TV, 5 minutes a day of meditation, reading, writing

Spirit clean out:
daily practice of prayer, gratitude, forgiveness, and extending love

So Day 1 is officially set and these are my guidelines. Not rules, guidelines. I will let you know as I progress forward how this undertaking cleans my system and allows more freedom and love into my life.

Tomorrow will bring more time in my yard, and a full overhaul on the front slope. I will provide before/after pics. I am so excited!

On a side note: Everyone and I mean EVERYONE deserves a vacation at home. This has been so healing and inspiring to my soul and though I intend to enjoy the rest of my 3 days on retreat I am excited to go back to work and life refreshed.

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Beth said...

OK except for the body clean-out and the no sugar and no animal products ... I am in. Have a wonderful day today. I will miss you tomorrow night but will see you Saturday morning ... lywm, mom