Monday, March 16, 2009

Trendsetting- Day 6

I guess considering the economic state of our country my spending freeze is hardly a trend setting event. Though since I began my 30 days it seems cheapskate pointers everywhere. On Thursday Oprah featured a show on how to shop/cook meals spending less money, metro magazine had an article featured on saving money, and my sweet hubby sent me a yahoo article about extreme cheapskates. All of this and not a moment too late as I have discovered that I little experience with being thrifty.

My first day at Lunds I spent $25, over half of my weekly budget. On my list? a rotisserie chicken, a dozen eggs, string cheese, and some mini haggendaz bars that were 2-for-1. $25? Really?

And then I did something I've never done before, I inspected the receipt. They missed my ice cream discount! I did another thing I've never done, I waited 15 minutes until the manager came up to the counter to refund me $4.55. Hey, I only have $40/wk on groceries, I need every cent.

Lunds clearly doesn't fall into my cheapskate budget so yesterday I went to Aldi. I am a bit of a grocery snob so I wasn't too excited but was pleasantly surprised to find fresh o.j., skim milk, and a large bottle of creamer all for $5.05

I am off to the market tonight and have $14.50 to spend for the rest of the week.
Organizing starts tomorrow!

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