Sunday, April 12, 2009

A reformed grocery snob- Day 30

Wow, it could be that I need to do a 30 days of blogging experiment. I have been horribly absent this month and here I am at the end of my spending fast. This experiment was extremely eye opening and very friendly to my checking account. Unbelievably so I found shopping at Aldi exhilarating. I easily shopped for weekly groceries with $40 and got everything I needed. Lunds and Aldi stand side by side only one block from the house and I had never shopped there. I am so hooked. My spending fast saved me $600 from the previous month and that is absolutely worth it. I did miss my hot chocolates and lunches out but I can scale back to once a week and look forward to those treats instead of indulging whenever I want.

We'll get on with it. There is no time to waste I have many more things to try and I'm on a roll so I am taking on my greatest challenge: no TV for 30 days. Because I want to be succesful, I have made a small addendum to this one. Matt and I suscribe to netflix and I decided that I will still watch the netflix movies but no TV shows, no TV movies, no TV shows on my computer.

It doesn't feel like the perfect time but it never does when your an addict. The office hasn't rapped, 30 Rock has more laughs to offer, The biggest losers still have pounds to lose, I Love money hasn't given out the $250,000 grand prize yet, and what about Oprah and Ellen they have all kinds of relevant topics happening....really need I say more? I watch too much TV!

As a matter of fact I am watching TV right now... multi tasking. 30 days starts tomorrow, maybe I will find more time to blog this month!

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Catherine said...

Given your amazing book list that you read on your honeymoon, I have no doubt that you'll fill your TV-less month ahead! You'll probably wonder how you ever had time to watch TV before... More power to you! :)