Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The truth- Day 7


I have such deep judgments towards myself in regards to this extracurricular activity. It is hard when you realize that one of the best ways you "spend" time with your loved ones (mostly Matt) is in front of the TV. My hubby told me on Sunday that he "misses his TV buddy". And while part of me is so sad that this is the way we relate with each other, another part of me misses the chance to "veg" out with him and snuggle my feet near his on the couch.

We watch TV together really well. Maybe better than we do anything else together. Tonight he said, "well we can't watch TV so we might as well go to sleep". Most of what he said is right, it was too late for a walk outside and we both have work tomorrow. But a part of me wonders where we could be if we didn't even have the option of TV.

How will I feel in 20 days? Will I drop everything to go back to my TV. Am I only in a withdrawl stage that will end? If it does end will I have the guts to cancel my cable? Right now the idea of no cable scares me, even though I can't watch it.

Also, my lack of TV watching has lent itself to more internet action. I am also reading but I wonder is trading the TV in for my computer any better? Is the internet more or less informational than TV?

Such questions will hopefully reap answers by the end of my experiment!

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Sarah said...

I vote you ditch this project and watch the damn TV-jusy my opinion :) I personally find people with no TV or for that matter no cable strange-so don't do it! There are worse addictions than TV out there. It's all in the name of fun and relaxation-pretty innocent past time I think, plus it hasn't warmed up yet-this summer you will be giving the tv a break naturally. Ok-this is just my opinion, but I wanted you to know that I will not think less of you if you say &#*! it and go back to snuggling with Matt on the couch and vegging out in front of your favorite shows.