Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sick- Day 9

Not feeling well today....what I've done so far instead of watching TV....Slept, slept more, made crockpot dinner, slept again...

Today would be a great day to curl up on the couch with my precious TV.

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Beth said...

Sorry to hear you are sick ... Ashley is sick too and me my pain in my arm is most uncomfortable ... these bodies of ours ... can't live with them or without them. Hey did you get the recycle ad from Lucy's. I hope to bring in a pair of work-out pants on Friday and change them up for a couple of shirts I saw online. Not sure at this point though as I need to get the OK from your dad! How come you are not reading during this time of no TV? It seems computer in some ways is not a lot different than wasting time in front of TV. Get yourself to the library and pick up a good read! Love you more, mom