Monday, April 20, 2009

Some minor concerns- Day 8

My concerns are not that I won't get any quality time with my husband who is currently in the living room watching previously TIVOed programming and gloating about it while I sit in the office e-mailing.

My concerns are more or less that on Day 4 I spent my entire lunch hour (with a turkey sandwich, I made from ingredients from ALDI) on moving boots (I really need a new pair) in and out of my shopping cart. In with pair 1 and in with pair 2, out with pair 2 and in with pair 3, out with pair 1&3 and in with pair anyway you get the picture. This "lunch hour" was really more like 90 minutes and I finally and fabulously declined spending any money on boots because they didn't have my fav pair in my size. Thank you lessons learned during spending freeze! Even if it does feel a bit like walking through the grocery store, filling up your cart, emptying it, filling it up, emptying again, and then leaving the store.(WOW that sounds like fun, think I'll try it out tomorrow at ALDI)

However, tonight I recklessly shopped online again and bought 2 Tracy Anderson DVD workout videos in the "name of research" but mostly because they promised me a slimmer tush and I want to know what she is teaching people that I don't already know!! That's research right?

Anyway, all tax deductions aside I don't want the wonderful effects of the spending freeze to dissapate so I am putting a further hold on ALL online shopping until TV watching is a green light and I can start buying off infomercials again.

Seriously, I am finding it interesting and slightly difficult to entertain myself. Here is what I am going to do tomorrow instead of watching TV!

Go to yoga
Take a run or bike
Make a crockpot dinner
work on my website

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