Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Love yoga- Day 24

Ok I have been remiss in my blogging but not in my 30 day yoga commitment. Here's a peak at my top ten yoga moments in the last couple weeks....

1. Love yoga with my sis in Dallas
2. Love yoga with my good friend Sarah, great dinner and conversation after
3. Love yoga when my heels touched the floor in down dog for the first time EVER
4. Love yoga when I ran into a friend I haven't seen in a great while in the locker room
5. Love yoga when I caught a look at myself in the mirror and couldn't help but smile
6. Love that yoga has improved my conscious breath
7. Love a late night yoga scramble in my living room (hey I got day 18 in, even if down to the wire)
8. Love yoga on Sat., it opened up a possibility for me to teach IntenSati at the Edina studio
9. Love yoga with Nealy and Nora teaching
10. Love happy hour yoga, a glass of wine followed by a good sweat

1 comment:

Beth said...

Love that you love yoga ... I am still in the market for a kids yoga video for my classroom. Or better yet a live yoga teacher would be great for this year's classroom ... if you have an open window of time I could check with my teacher. I am sure she would be open to it. Miss seeing and hugging you last week and I am looking forward to a weekend away scrapbooking with Kelley. Hope to catch up with you in a week or two.
lym, mom