Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 1- Positive things are happening

Yah! Today I sat in a chair and experienced a hair-raising transformation. How fun! Hoping this helps liven up the bit of the mid-winter blues I've been feeling lately.

Other positive things are happening...Kelley and I booked tickets to go to Dallas and see our sister Carrie. So exciting!

Matt and I are happy, happy, happy. We love hunkering down with the cats and spending time together.

Opening ceremonies are on Friday, we are going to our friend Sarah's house to celebrate. I love me some winter Olympics, no better way to feel good, go USA!


Sarah said...

hmmm...I like! What fun to have a new look going into spring :) Love the pictures from your trip. hugs and kisses from all of us to you and Matt xoxoxox

sarah said...

So glad you and the crew came b/c as you said...without everyone there chatting, laughing adding their own colorful commentary it would have been a very long and very boring night!

sarah said...

And Oh Yea - You look, hot, hot, HOT - "Blondie" Hair up in a ony tail or down & luscious: )!!!

sarah said...

One more -

Beth said...

Ok not sure ... are you pulling it back in a pony-tail? I think I like you in short hair better. I also have loved the french braids that you have worn while fighting in the ring.
lym, mom