Monday, February 8, 2010

Day nil- Some photos of our beautiful vaca

Before I begin another 30 day, I thought I would share a few photos of our lovely trip to Puerto Rico. Everything was fab. Never mind that the 4 weeks previous to our arrival had been all rain, we brought the Sun with us. Such a great time with great friends, I will never forget it!

Sarah and I enjoy a little down time

I was so blessed to get this close to an exciting crab, Barry couldn't believe it stayed still for me!

Morgan, Sarah, and I...who won the coppertone contest? So not me!
Beach chillaxin!

In town for lunch!

"Loving the human form means loving the insanity too"! This message in the sand didn't make it on the blog during the trip but it is a nice segue into the new 30. The insanity of the ego is undeniable, and what we will do for recognition, putting ourselves in a category above or below to determine our worth and value in the world is hedonistic. But there must be space for loving all that is, even in loving the unlovable parts. We have to at least try. I am going to go up against the EGO this month in a head to head, never before seen, only on pay-per- blog event. Watch me as I take on the separatism, the comparisons, the negativism, the unholy belief that I am either more than or less than you, we are all, under God equal. And we are all deserving of God's love. And I intend to tell the EGO so this month. No more negative conversations, about myself, about others, about anything. All can be considered of value and worthy. And if you know me and are engaged in conversation with me and see otherwise, Please call me on it! This is going to be a tough one to get into. I bet I have no idea how often I engage in negative conversation, but I am willing to find out. This month, only on 'The 30 day Expereience', tune in!

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