Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 30- A new me and a new you!

The last 30 days has been such an eye-opening experience for me. Paying attention to what I think/say/feel about my body, listening to what the women around me are saying about theirs....

I have come away with a beautiful nugget.

We are being called to love. More than anything the call is to love our bodies, love living in them, feeling in them, experiencing the fullness of them. We have all been given the gift of our bodies and when we look upon them with disdain we are telling our giver that we are unhappy with this gift. Imagine putting heart and soul into finding the perfect something for someone and then having them look at it and say "what on earth is this?, I don't want this!"

God put so much time into creating every special nook and cranny and feature and wrinkle and dimple for us. We are unique and beautiful and designed with love and it is time to receive that love.

We as women are being called to love. It begins with us. Adoring, adorning, and appreciating the beauty that is our body. It is time to surrender the criticism, release the comparisons, and move from disregard into self respect and honor.

Ask yourself this, "Body what do you need from me to be full and alive and in love?" She will answer. She will tell you what to eat, how to exercise, when to drink, when to rest, when to skip, and what is best for her. The disconnect must end though. No longer living in the mind and ego where the foundational thoughts are denial and deprivation.

Give your body what she needs, and this is mostly and all LOVE! How will you love your body today? Tomorrow? The more you respond and listen to her you will blossom and find beauty when you look in the mirror.

Refrain from judgment and see through the eyes of your creator. Be generous and gentle and with her and allow her to fully live out her greatest potential.

Today I will see my body through the eyes of LOVE and I will receive the fullness of that love. This is what is meant to be.
Thank you, Thank you.

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Kelley Larson said...

i love that my body get to experience a month without refined sugar. . . i can't say that i love that my mouth doesn't get to taste refined sugar for one month, but with love comes sacrifice.