Monday, February 2, 2009

12 months of 30 day experiements

As a part of designing a brilliant 2009 for myself I am taking on a few things that I have always wanted to A. tackle or B. try out. I created a list of 12 things I am committing to doing(or not doing) for 30 days in a row. If you look to the right you will see my top 12 list in no particular order of the actual taking on of the task. Most likely I will move from easiest to hardest, after all it is in my nature to save the worst for last.

For example, I will definitely NOT be attempting non-motorized transportation this month. That one will likely happen at the beginning of our warmest month (to make it as painless as possible). Also, since it is a combined effort, I do have to check in with my hubby and make sure he is on board when I/we begin the 30 days of sex. Secretly, I know he is more excited about my 30 day spending freeze experiment.

My hope and intention is that during this process I will discover some new and different ways of living my life. New ways I've been afraid of trying... i.e., committing to no TV scares the Charles Dickens right out of me, but I know I can do anything for 30 days so why not go for it? Hopefully what I experience will carry me forward into a life with less TV (either that or I will binge on TV for 3 days and swear never to be without it again) and different ways that I've always doubted I could be...i.e., even though I have t-shirt that claims I am a green queen I stand in awe of my cousin Catherine and how committed she is to saving our earth. (Frankly, I don't know if I could ever measure up). I came to each of my varied choices by asking myself "what am I afraid of trying?" and "who do I doubt I can be?" As well, I have other questions to ask and I want answers!


what does it mean to consciously walk or bike to my desired locale each day? To schedule and plan everything around the time it will take me in transport.

Will I have a deeper appreciation for money if I knowingly withhold my spending for a month?

How will it deepen my relationship with Matt to connect in such an intimate way every day for a month?

What does it feel like to be daily present to my carbon footprint in our world?

Can I find things in my home that I don't need or love when I am required to dispose of at least one thing everyday for 30 days?

These are all questions I am interested in exploring and by taking these 30 day "tests"(after all what is an experiment other than testing out an experience) I have an opportunity to try on a new life. An alternate reality if you will. For example what does the parallel world Lisa that doesn't have TV do with her time? Does she wish TV was available? OR does she not even notice?

I want to shine in 2009 and I know that facing head on my secret questions and hidden desires (I've always wanted to be a veg since my sis Ash went veg over a decade ago) will enable me to live each day as fully as possible.

So I know you can't are dying of curiosity. Which of the 12 will be my first experiment?

HMMMM.....Let me think...come on now, I already told you, I have to warm into this. I am going straight up easy! As a matter of fact I picked this one knowing it would be a great warm up month.

I am taking on 30 days of yoga (I already go 3x a week). It may seem easy, but as we all know with our new years resolutions, the intentions are beautiful, but the discipline often dies out after a week or two. I am committing to this because I want to really see how I can stretch and expand my practice by doing 30 classes in 30 days.

The first experiment of 12 begins tomorrow! What a ride, this life. What a joy to be able to engage our hearts and minds in awareness and find meaning and purpose on our paths. Even if it means we play some games with ourselves along the way.



Catherine said...

Three things:

1. PUH-leese. I am so not one to try to live up to. I still have a nasty habit of buying Caribous and throwing away the paper cups each week - multiple times a week.

2. Getting rid of our TV was the best thing we've ever done. Okay, having kids was really the best thing, or maybe getting married, but you get the idea. YOU WON'T KNOW HOW YOU EVER HAD TIME TO WATCH ALL OF THAT TV ONCE IT'S GONE! Seriously. Call me when you're freaking out about no TV and we'll do something. Anything. :)

3. I broke a bad habit without knowing it (focusing on it) just by making it through 30 days (more or less) without it. It's really true what they say: It only takes 30 days to make or break a habit and then it's just...routine.

You are too awesome! :)

p.s. Friend me on Facebook already!

Catherine said...

P.P.S. For more inspiration, visit the little blog that some friends and I did two years ago:

We made it for one whole summer without buying anything (except our own exceptions, of course, like groceries or whatever). It's neat to read the "summaries" and thoughts that people had all the way through. It was very, very liberating. (Kinda like pitching the TV!!!) :)