Monday, February 2, 2009

A good little bookworm

Ahhhh....the refreshing sigh that comes from a week of warmth, sun, community, ocean, and reading. Our trip to Puerto Rico was fabulous! We had beautiful sunshine everyday, yummy food, wonderful conversation, and loads of free time.

Unbelievably I finished almost all of my wish list books + 1 that I picked up (for my hubby) in the airport store. I know you all wait with baited breath for lengthy descriptions of my favorite t.v. shows but for once I relinquished my precious t.v. for chatting on the veranda between chapters of whatever book I was engrossed in at the time.

Here's my book report (in as few words as possible):

Day 1 (traveling day)- The Amazing adventures of Diet girl
Funny, witty, relatable , and a fast read. It was passed on to Sarah when I finished and then off to Stacey who was still mid-way through at the end of our trip.

Day 2- Buddha
Engrossing, beautifully written, and inspiring. I made a Buddha statue in the sand after reading and then contemplated the incredibility of how many grains of sand I could hold in my hand.

Day3/4- Life of Pi
Absolutely my favorite book of the week. A MUST read for everyone. The words danced off the page and I fell in love with Pi, his spirit, faith, and courage. I hope someday to believe so strongly in something that it becomes real to everyone around me too.

Day4-The Shack
This was not on my list but I saw it at the airport and got it for Matt. He didn't read it but I did. My sister Carrie declared it life changing. I thought it was a radical story, especially coming from a christian publisher. It was the perfect book to read after Life of Pi, because I believed every bit that happened (in the story) DID happen. We should all look for God-breathed experiences in our everyday life.

Day 5- In Defense of Foods(partially)
A great read, most of the information I was already clear on, but I like the different approach he took on sharing it. I found that I moved around chapters and didn't finish it because I wanted to be wrapped up in another beautiful story.

Day 5- The Greatest Secret in the World
This book is a ten month journey that I began on the trip. There are 12 scrolls to be read over the course of ten months. It is a great book to begin if you have first read The greatest Salesman in the World. I am excited to see where the scrolls take me.

Day 6-
I spent a little more time reading In Defense of Foods but spent most of the day in town, shopping and people watching.

Day 7 (travel home)- She's come Undone
This was my final book and I began it, but spent most of the travel time home reading Sarah's graduate paper and revising it with her. Though I am not sure if her paper will become an open publication when she completes it, she did a fabulous job and I have a deep understanding of usability testing in the health industry thanks to her breakdown and explanation. I am confident she will get high marks from her professors and peers.

OK.... that was my trip and to show it off best just ONE of the many pics taken of me with (of course) a book.
p.s. when my album is ready to share I will post the link here on my blog!


a day in the life of a davis said...

I can't believe you are going to read She's Come Undone, again. Don't you remember our roadtrip to Cali? Yuck!

Beth said...

OK so don't forget on that month you give things away you can give me back my book The Life of Pi ... I hope to have time to read something other than textbooks on my trip to TX ... (OH, I guess this means you will have to give it back to me by the end of March).

lym, mom