Saturday, February 14, 2009

30 days of yoga- day 6

30 day experiments are not as easy as one might think. This is my first week of yoga...

day 1- hung out with my sister most of the day and grudgingly left her house to go to yoga.

day 2- Didn't want to go to yoga in the am, napped instead. Didn't want to go to yoga in the afternoon, ran errands instead. Finally at 7:30pm I said to self, "self, you either go to yoga now or you start all over again tomorrow". Went to yoga, even more grudgingly than day 1.

day 3- Still not in yoga mode but took myself to a hot class at 3:30pm. Nearly passed out from the heat.

day 4- UGH!!! am I ever going to get over my "I don't feel like going to yoga today" thoughts? Drove around the city trying to avoid yoga and finally made it to an 8pm class in uptown.

day 5- went to yoga at 12pm and had negative and brooding thoughts through most of the class. When is this going to be over? seriously...

day 6- Happy Valentine's day! I skipped my usual 10am class (what is going on?) in lieu of more time in bed and now I am blogging in a final procrastinative attempt to be late for the 5pm C2 class in Edina. Matt and I have dinner plans though, so it is 5pm or nothing. I guess I'll head off.

I am genuinely excited about these experiments but I do find it interesting that on my first try I am fighting with myself about doing something that I normally do a few times a week anyway. In reality it is the end of winter.... I'm feeling a bit in the dumps and don't really want to do much of anything that doesn't include laying in bed or laying in front of the TV. Maybe I should do 30 days of 2 hour naps. Yeah, maybe that would be better.

Ok, off to yoga. I am happy that I've committed to blogging about this though, it certainly keeps me on task even when the last thing I feel like doing is downward dog!

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