Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I will persist- Day 22

I am engaged in a 10 month study of 'The greatest Secret in the World' by Og Mandino. It is based off of his best selling book 'The Greatest Salesman in the World' and involves a scroll that is read three times a day. There are 10 scrolls that you read for a month each. This month I am on the third scroll. The basis of this scroll is " I will persist, until I succeed"
I have seen no better example of this than from our very own Cleo the cat. Each morning he awakes and feels hungry. He knows that his beautiful morning soft food comes from his dad, Matt. And so the persistence begins. Cleo will softly lay himself on Matt's tummy and begin to pad at him with his paws. When Matt doesn't wake up he starts to meow a bit and then moves his face closer to Matt. When Matt continues his slumber, Cleo starts to mew and move his paws over Matt's face scratching and irritating until finally his dad wakes up.

This morning behavior has been so persistent that in the last month Cleo has succeeded in waking his dad earlier each morning. The prodding used to begin at 6am, then 5:30, then 5am (around the time I am leaving the house), however this am Matt got out of bed to feed Cleo at 3:30am, a total record early time. He didn't even realize it was that time until he got back into bed.

What an example of persistence. "If I want to be fed, I must be fed!" I imagine this is what Cleo thinks without regard to the difficulty it will take in waking his master.

If only we were all this way, no matter the obstacle, no matter how difficult, we would continue on until we reached success. Cleo's success is eating Fancy Feast but perhaps yours is a successful career, or a lasting relationship, or a full Bootcamp(mine). No matter what it is, if you persist, you will succeed.

Cleo failed many times to wake Matt at such an early hour but after so much persistence he succeeded. No matter how many times he failed, he tried again. And that is the key.

You may fail a thousand times but around the next corner is success. You will never know unless you try again!

I will persist and I will succeed, as long as it takes, I will succeed.

ps. I am spot on in no TV but I heard through the grapevine that Helen, the older contestant and definitely the underdog, persisted, she won $250,000. I am sorry to have missed it but so glad I was out on a date with my husband instead, at Ikea!

Living my life without TV, persisting, succeeding, and loving my life!

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Erin said...

Lisa, that was a story oh to close to my heart. My Calvin does the same thing every morning.