Saturday, May 30, 2009

30 days in the bag

Really, 30 days of no TV and my husband and I watched no less than 16 hours of TV last weekend. Unbelievable! We watched hours of the most ridiculous reality show ever made about a Las Vegas hot spot, Jon & Kate+8, and VH1 Top 100 songs of the 80's (my husband made me)!

Honestly did I learn anything at all? Yes I did! I am going for a bike ride today and accomplishing many things on my to-do list, there will be NO TV!

On a side note I did begin 30 days of silent meditation on Wednesday. First time out and I was jerked awake by the buzzing of my timer informing me that my 20 minutes was up. Evidently I went into such a deep state of silence I fell asleep. I might need a little work on this one! Starting it again on Monday, more later.

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