Monday, May 4, 2009

A slip of the finger- Day 13 (sortof)

Ok, I had a slip of the finger....allow me to use on of Monk's favorite lines. "Here's what happened" was Thursday night and I had been lulled into a deep trance after watching our most recent net flix arrival, Kung Fu Panda (which by the way is entirely adorable), and there it was, the remote, in my hand, the movie over, and The Office just starting. I could help myself but really I didn't. I watched it. YES, I WATCHED THE OFFICE AND I AM NOT STARTING OVER AGAIN!!!

So today is day 13 because even the best of us have our slip ups and I only took a sip of TV I didn't drink a whole day of it in...

What's the first step again? Admit your powerless? It reminds me of those HULU commercials with Alce Baldwin, he says that TV is just an alien plot to take over the world after turning human brains to mush. I can hear mine sloshing around right now but not all is lost.

It is a beautiful night and my hubby and I are walking up to the icecream shop for another one of my favorite addictions. Cones! At least I'll get a little exercise on the way.

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