Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's been more than a minute, so give me a minute

OK! I admit it, I am deliriously in love with summer and officially, today, it is over. Never mind that we are having a beautiful September. Summer is over. And so I feel it is time to bring my suntanned, flip flopped, tootsies indoors and spend some time on the computer. But WHOA! while I have been dreamily adoring the bright and light days (It's already so dark) my friends and family have been blogging away. And so I must catch up with all of you and read your beautiful prose and watch your adorable videos. Really? My sis-in-law completed a blog makeover unbeknownst to me and I don't want to miss any of it! Even my absently blogging sis, Kelley has put in some good hours and offered up videos and I have nothing. No experiments, no check ins, unless we wish to say I underwent an experiment of no-blogging for 30 days in which case I went above and beyond and was extremely successful. But that is not what really happened, instead I was riding my bike, yelling at people in bootcamp, and overhauling my garden. It was much fun, but enough is enough (really enough isn't enough but I ran out of light in my days!)

So give me a minute, I want to catch up and I will be back with a new 30 day endeavor and I promise it will be good, fresh, and something I have never attempted before!

LOVE to know that while I was enjoying my summer, all of my favorite bloggers were loving theirs as well. Too bad I didn't have the foresight to at least keep you posted on the good times, I love reading about yours!

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a day in the life of a davis said...

Welcome back! I am so excited for the new "30". Make it a good one, knitting? Or how about stand up comedy for 30 days, that would be a good one....
Glad your back, can't wait for December!