Saturday, September 26, 2009

The new "30"- Day 1

Well my sis Carrie requested a "good" one and I am offering it up (though it isn't knitting) and it isn't one that I have posted either. But I am inspired and when one is inspired you mustn't question it.

I have had the pure pleasure of joining a manifesting group. And I have had the double pleasure of being paired up with Jamie. Let me tell you, she is fantastic. Our first assignment was to do a daily pre-pave and send it to each other. Then we send a recap and based off the day do a rewrite of our day. I am expanding it to include all of you. Let me first give you the cliff notes on what a pre-pave is...every morning I write out what I believe my best day would look like. This is really it in a nutshell. It is an intentional thought that is put down in words and then set in motion by the desire to see its fruition, followed by the faith that is achievable.

Jamie is getting a full on detailed pre-pave but for the sake of your busy lives I am going to post only my #1 daily desire. I will also recap it so you can celebrate with me when it becomes manifest.

This actually means that my next 30 day experiment is a two-part er. I will be posting every day. So I will actually be counteracting my 3 months of invisibility by 30 days of blogging.

I think this is very good, I hope you approve Carrie!

Also lets not mention the part about how I said I was going to do 30 days of meditation and then you didn't hear from me for 3 months. I was at an ashram (if ashram can be riding your bike and enjoying the sun)!

I am going to show you what a full pre-pave looks like so that you can take it on if you so desire, this was the one I sent Jamie today, including the recap ( in bold), and rewrite (paragraph following)....

I wake up refreshed and excited for my day off. Yes

Saturday's are my favorite day since I have it all to myself to do exactly what I want to do. I spend a bit of time with my honey and then I head off to do a little sparring. I have a great sparring session. My timing is on, I have plenty of energy, my kicks come up easily and I pretty much kick every one's ass. After sparring I feel light and free. Yes

I pop over to the farmer's market to pick up some fresh produce for Sarah's dinner. On the way to the market I suddenly get inspired and know exactly what I am going to make for her family. I pick up my produce and head home to grab Matt and we go to Bess's cafe for breakfast. We take a leisurely breakfast, chat and enjoy our food. After breakfast we go over to Morgan's to meet the little kitties she is giving away. They are adorable!
Yes though it didn't quite go in that order. After sparring I came and got Matt, then we went to breakfast, saw the cutest kitties ever and we shopped together (better than my recap anyway since Matt was with me). Also, we went to Trader Joes instead of farmer's market. It was getting later in the afternoon so we went close by instead. It was good, but farmers market is my favorite because you get to buy local and see the farmers that produced your yummies. Next week I will make it there. I did get inspired though, here's the menu:
Fresh herb salad (I used my own garden goodies for this one) with goat cheese, heirloom cherries, and balsamic vinaigrette
Gnocchi Ala Romano with portabella, chives, and sun-dried tomatoes
crusty bread with fresh garlic-thyme butter
Jamie's scrumptious "cheese cake"

Matt and I head home and since he finished the bathroom this morning we get to hang on the couch and watch a movie, I read a bit, then we go into the bedroom, have amazing sex and fall asleep.
No movie, no reading, it was too late in the day but we napped alright, right up until I had to get started on dinner. So no amazing sex either, YET. I am typing this as Matt is watching the Iowa game (he loves the Hawkeyes) and if they win, I'll get it tonight for sure!

My stylist/friend comes over to color my hair. We hang and chat, and I work on dinner for Sarah. Matt and I go over to drop off dinner for Sarah and Cathy and meet their brand new daughter Ziaya, who is beautiful! We stay for a bit but then come home to have our own dinner and spend the evening together.
Stacey had to cancel, she got crazy today, we rescheded for Friday. Matt cleaned the house (this is why I LOVE my husband) and we went over to Sarah and Cathy's and held their beautiful daughter for a bit before heading home. Our own dinner was the Gnocchi as well and it was delish. Not as excited about the part where Matt wanted to eat it in front of the Iowa game but I acquiesced. Luckily he is only into college football, and then only Hawkeyes football. This takes up about 6 hours a season for him since they aren't always televised. I am grateful he is not a fanatic and in front of the TV watching it all the time so it was easy enough to have dinner on the couch tonight. Plus it gave me this nice time to read your juicy e-mails and respond!

I finish reading '
The Power of Awareness' before bed and feel excited about all of the fresh stuff the book has brought out. I love re-reading books and this one is so Phenomenal. I am excited. And I read a few more chapts. today but I am not quite done yet.

I LOVE, LOVE my day off. It was perfect!
I DO, I DO and YES it was!


I love having days to myself and everything was beautiful today. I got time with my wonderful husband. I enjoyed going down to the gym to spar, and their new location (first time I was there) is WAY closer to my house which is great. One of my favorite things to do is express my love through creating wholesome, fresh, tasty food and I got to do that for my gorgeous friend and her partner Cathy. I was blessed to meet their daughter Ziaya (the name means LIGHT) and relish in new life, unmarred, and open to infinite possibilities. The day is made up of details and in this case the details were lovely and I am thrilled to be living this life right now, the life I had today. If today was my last I would say, "I am ready" I got to do what I enjoyed and got to be with the person I most enjoy and I got to live in the I AM. Who could ask for more really? And even though I know I could (ask for more) I don't want to because for today, I am fulfilled and happy.

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a day in the life of a davis said...

I like the new 30. It is just nice to read from you each day, it makes me feel more involved. I loved the breakdown of your first day...