Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pre-pave- Day 4

My #1 desire:

(Sarah at Lululemon Athletica scheduled an IntenSati class for their one year anniversary. Yesterday I got an e-mail saying they were getting a DJ and wanted to make use of him by doing a DJ yoga class instead. I want to teach this class more than anything so I sent her an e-mail saying I thought it would be great to do IntenSati with a DJ. My #1 desire for today is based off of this )

I come home to find an e-mail from Sarah telling me she totally wants to stick with the IntenSati class. YEAH!!!! AND MY MICROPHONE FOR THE CLASS COMES IN THE MAIL TOO! It works beautifully and I again thrill myself with the thought of teaching this amazing class to 60 people!


I did get an e-mail from Sarah. Not what I had pre-paved though. They are locked in on that yoga class for the party. It is not my first thought but still works out because she is super excited about scheduling another time in October for IntenSati. We will pack that class instead! And, alas, my mic didn't come in the mail today but definitely tomorrow!

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Kelley Larson said...

i am so happy to have spent the last 15 mins catching up on your blog! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL LISA! Hope to see you in the morning...sad to say it will not be at our beloved french meadow bakery!