Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pre-pave- Day 5

My #1 desire for today:

There are 8 people in IntenSati class tonight and it is totally inspired and wonderful. I ride home in a joyful state and spend some time with my hubby before bed. I get to sleep by 10:30 and feel awesome about the day I've had.


3 people came to class and it was inspiring and wonderful. The numbers are coming, I promise. I am getting so good at teaching this class now that I am doing it 3x week, and I feel great about that on my ride home. Matt is in bed (rough day giving blood, they hit a tendon OUCH!) I am joining him now and it is only 10pm. What an awesome day!
*side note: I loved breakfast at Kelley's and dancing with Sid and Sophia, it made my day. And my sis is just tremendous, nothing else to say there.

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