Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pre-pave- Day 6

My #1 desire for the day:

Today I tape my final IntenSati series video for Patricia. I have so much fun making it and I am right on with the music and look fabulous doing it! I have created a great series that is fun and inspiring.

WoW! It has been a day. I need to give a larger recap so you can understand that NO MATTER WHAT! I was going to get this done today. I planned on getting to CBC (Calhoun Beach club) before class to tape it. The studio was occupied so it would have to wait until after class. After class I began and in the middle of taping my NEW camera's battery died. I went home, charged it, returned to CBC and began filming again. After 5 seconds the camera stopped and informed me internal memory was full (OH yeah, there is the part where I took out my memory card while it was charging to check the battery). I leave CBC again! Slightly exasperated but definitely determined, and go to Walgreens. I buy a memory card and go BACK to CBC to film myself. Fun might not be the appropriate word, more like challenging. But I did it and though I am deeply aware that I need to get my hair colored (I have it scheduled for tomorrow) I think I do look pretty good. I am on with the music (I think) and it feels like an inspiring series to me. Here it is:

Upper body
Lower body

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