Friday, October 16, 2009

Pre-pave- Day 21

My #1 desire for today:

Today I am sweetly surprised by life. Mini-manifests abound as well as some big manifests but I don't even know what they are until they come, and I am so sweetly surprised by them. I AM my I AM and I AM in love with my life, today is the best day ever!


It really was the BEST day. Here are some of my beautiful surprises in no particular order...

1. My session with Jill was beautiful (my massage/Reiki therapist), and it was so wonderful to hear her say that I had so much joy around me that it was a pleasure working on me.

2. My CD with rockin' music for Sunday's class came in the mail.

3. I ran into my wonderful friend, Mary, at a concert this evening. I haven't seen her in 4 years and it was so lovely catching up. How amazing!

4. When I saw my niece, Pru, this evening I couldn't believe how much she had grown up in only a week. She sat on my lap, clapped with me, her face filled with smiles.

5. An e-mail from Patricia encouraging me on in a having a splendid class on Sunday.

6. A sudden surge of courage and I called Lifetime and L.A. fitness headquarters and left msgs for their fitness directors to set up a meeting about bringing IntenSati to their club.

7. A pair of jeans that had been a bit tight a few weeks ago slide right on.

8. A husband ready to crawl into bed with me when I arrived home and snuggle up.

The best day ever!

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