Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pre-pave- Day 8

My #1 desire:

Matt and I take Cleo to the vet this morning and discover that his random peeing on rugs is a bladder infection. They are a able to get a urine sample and don't need to sedate him because he is behaving so well.


Occasionally, manifesting something that involves another person (or animal) means that they have to be in on it with you. They have to want the same thing. Cleo did not want the same thing as I did. He was happy to take a ride in the truck until he discovered we were going to Dr. Duff's. Then he was not so happy. Well he was with the sniffing and checking things out but not so much with the getting checked out. Dr. Duff informed us that Cleo would not be "allowing" a urine sample unless he was sedated. So we made an apt. to bring him back on Monday. We will know more then. On the up side, we also made an apt. for our girl cats, Nikita and Josephine, and that is good because they haven't seen a vet in 5 years. So they will all go to the doc on Monday, they will all be healthy, and Cleo will be given antibiotics for his infection rather than Paxil for his anxiety and behavioral/anxiety issues (yes, Dr. Duff told us that he frequently perscribes anti-depressants to the animals he sees).

It was wonderful day, I trust you enjoyed yours!

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