Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pre-pave- Day 13

My #1 desire for the day:

To live in my 'I AM' ( my 'I AM' is a powerful, declarative statement about who I AM and how I AM in this world). Here is my I AM....

I live in the highest vibration and it emanates from me.
My path is one of integrity and healing.
I AM a healer.
I AM a leader.
I guide people on this path and they embody their wholeness.
I AM a cheerleader for others and myself.
I applaud us on to living our dreams NO MATTER WHAT!
I AM a visionary.
I believe in the limitless life.
I AM empathy.
I AM knowing.
I deeply feel what people feel and know what they need.
I AM a teacher.
I teach the greatest lesson of all,
Love yourself and extend that love into the lives of others.
I teach it as I live it.
I AM generosity.
I AM kindness.
I bubble over with happiness and joy, and it is infectious.
I AM loved.
I AM appreciated.
I AM abundant.
My material wealth is a mirror to the wealth of virtues that I AM.
I AM considerate.
I AM compassionate.
I AM gifted.
My nature is light hearted, and I spread happiness and laughter.
I AM funny.
I AM silly.
I AM uninhibited.
I AM fearless and always willing to be who I AM.
I AM a safe haven.
I AM a confidant.
I AM firm in what I believe, and I tell the truth.
I AM a student.
I AM gracious and I share what I learn with the world.
I AM charismatic.
I AM an inspiration.
I AM a catalyst for change.
I AM the change I wish to see.
I AM a believer.
I AM that this change is possible.
I AM a Daughter of God, honoring the divine feminine within.
I AM a powerful force to be reckoned with,


Ok so this morning at the 6am people kept asking me to repeat their weight exercises. Like they were the walking dead and couldn't remember any sequence I gave them. I started to think this way and got really irritated with repeating myself and then GUESS WHAT?!?!? I remembered this part of my I AM..."My nature is light-hearted, and I spread happiness and laughter". I realized that being grumpy with people was not my I AM. So I said to the next person that asked again what to do, " Ok you want me to repeat it, I will sing it. You have a choice, remember what I tell you first or I will sing it to you the second time and realize my dream of being a singer even though I have NO ability!" I said it light and free and everyone laughed. The next time someone asked, I SANG it, "Che-e-eee-st Pres---sss--- on----th--e-ee-e-- balll-----" and I thought to myself, "I AM fearless and always willing to be who I AM, and I AM silly". They loved it and the rest of class they were all about trying to remember their exercises to "avoid hearing me sing" It turned into this great joke and I was living in my I AM "I spread happiness and laughter. I AM funny. I bubble over with happiness and joy, and it is infectious". And I am actually crying right now as I write this because I AM so moved by how deeply I lived in my I AM when I could have easily been pissed and grumpy at 6 in the morning and started all of my students off on a sour note. I didn't because " I AM a cheerleader for others and myself". GO US, GO T-H-U-R-S-D-A-Y! (just be happy you don't have to hear me sing it ) :)

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