Friday, October 2, 2009

Pre-pave- Day 7

My #1 desire for the day:

I get to enjoy my afternoon off.

I had a beautiful lunch at Lucia's pasta bar with my sisters Kelley and Ashley. I fell in love with both of them for different reasons. Ashley was carrying on about wanting a hamburger and not liking the menu selection and then ordered something that was completely NOT on the menu. I loved her in that moment for her courage to just ask for what she wanted even though it wasn't offered. And she got it!

The table near us was served a dessert with a candle and Kelley looked over and began singing happy birthday to the lady at her left. Her friends seemed nervous at first (as though it wouldn't be proper to sing) then finally joined in and finished off the song. Kelley gently reached over and touched the woman's shoulder "Happy birthday, and may you have many more". I loved her in that moment for her beautiful soul that floats about willing to share her joy with anyone, especially strangers. By the end of their lunch the ladies were cooing at Pru and making conversation with us.

After my lovely lunch I enjoyed a facial (heavenly), eyebrow wax (fab), and I went home and cleaned the house as a surprise to my husband (thrilled).

So in short hand...YES I enjoyed my afternoon off! (cheering)

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