Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pre-pave- Day 20

My #1 desire for today:

I am living in the assumed feeling of being the teacher that rocks it to a full class at Lululemon and I am loving the frequency with which I am assuming this feeling. Now it is effortless, graceful, and fluid and it comes to me so easily, this feeling of being the sati light in the darkness of drudging, boring fitness in Minnesota. People can't wait for me! They are so ready, and so am I!


Love living in a state of abundance and I have all I desire. The crazy thing is that even more is coming to me and I can FEEL it percolating. I love that I can give a good back lashing to the part of me that wants to say it isn't possible for me to succeed in such a grand way. At this point in my life there is so much evidence supporting the fact that I am a successful and gifted woman with a world of things to share that she really doesn't come through loud and clear anymore, and I can easily tame her into quieting down. At the very least I could have a good laugh at her feeble attempts to get my attention but I am too busy feeling good and living in my deepest and most brilliant desires!

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