Friday, October 23, 2009

Pre-pave- Day 28 is the new '30'

We are nearing the end of a very successful 30 day experience. In the last 28 days of designing my life I increased my income by $1200 this month, I enrolled a full fall program, I rocked out a packed Intensati class at Lululemon, and booked IntenSati at Sigh yoga studio, I lost 5 of those pesky pounds I wanted off me, and I loved every minute of it!

Pre-paving has made an incredible impact in how I go about my day and allowed mindfulness to enter my life on a daily basis. I always believed that I lived with intention, and I do, but when you get disciplined in setting aside time each morning to "intend" your day there is a deeper connection with your spirit and how you are BEING in the world is elevated to soaring heights. As far as my biggest dream is concerned (which is Sati available all over the Midwest) I have accomplished more in the last 30 days with this practice than I have in the 10 months preceding. This is the possibility that comes from pre-paving your daily design.

That written, I will continue to pre-pave, I still have 6 weeks left in my manifesting course and I am so excited, but you have seen enough to understand the beauty of it and you might even be thinking "Whew, I can't keep up, Lisa is blogging EVERY DAY!"

No worries, I am moving on, and posts will be perfectly timed.

One point, I have changed my list. I would rather revel in what I have accomplished than feel badly that I haven't gotten through half my list when I am 9 months in (remember that ashram part, my 30 days of meditation turned into 3 months). Also, I have actually integrated what I wrote in January " We need to change valuing things for valuing experiences. " I think for me even the effort of taking on a 30 day challenge can be valuing something over valuing the experience. With yoga I wanted flexibility, with my spending freeze I wanted more money, with no TV I wanted more productivity...however with my pre-pave I wanted to experience loving my life AS I was living it.

I desire more of this so from here on out I will incorporate this into my experi(ences). This is all just a grand build up of suspense to what the next 30 is, of course, and there is more (build up). One of the things I love about changing this is that I am able to see how much I've grown this year. If things didn't shift here, how would they shift elsewhere in my life.

I am so grateful to be able to see the lessons I've learned so clearly, how much I truly value living my life over trying to get something or somewhere in my life. The 30 day experiment has morphed into an experience not an accomplishment, and some of the questions I started with at the beginning of the year have been answered, but not all. I still don't know how it will impact my life to virtually erase my carbon footprint, de-clutter my life daily, have sex every day, make a new meal, or ride my bike everywhere for 30 days.

However, now I want to have the experience of it instead of the accomplishment of it. It is more like making a 'To think' list than a 'T0 do (or not do)' list. "What is my state of mind, my perspective?" Rather than, "Am I checking off my box that I did or didn't do this, did I accomplish it?"

Point 2, my new title, this is not by best shot anymore, this is it, I am doing it and I am taking it on in 30-24 hour increments at a time. I am experiencing as opposed to experimenting. Hence the new name! (well the url stays the same for simplicity purposes but the title of the blog changed)

In honor of these insights, and Thanksgiving, my next 30 day experience is all about abundance.

For 30 days I am living abundance and I will find it wherever I look. One of the ways I will find it in the 30 days is creating an abundance of new meals that I have wanted to try and haven't yet. So this is my "old" 30 days of new meals, and it looks a bit different. I might not create a new meal each day but during this experience I will try an abundance of new things I haven't and go through my some odd 45 recipes that I have been collecting and wanted to try but didn't have enough time (see lack). There is no lack this month. I have abundance and it will come to me in more ways than new meals. But I promise to share the ones I try, and the experience of it. There are some doozies that will blow Matt out of the water, like Gnocchi with Oxtail rag u, and some that he will be more than hesitant to try, Butternut squash soup, but I am expecting an abundance of compliments no matter what I make.

This was my #1 desire for today, to share this with you and offer up my gratitude for reading my words and letting me share my life with you, thank you.

And so my recap reads: Success!

Love and abundance to you,

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