Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day 3- So much to love

There is so much to love in my life that the abundance experience has been an effortless undertaking. The sati series I just finished up was all about abundance. One of the declarations is "abundance is my inheritance". If you really believe this, and claim your inheritance it is waiting for you.

What you seek you find.

The question is what are you seeking? If you are looking for abundance in every area of your life it has a beautiful way of showing up no matter what the external circumstances are. It is the state of mind that you take on that allows you to find it. Commitment to living in abundance, without an attachment to the outcome, is what brings it into your life. Another declaration in this series is " I appreciate, and then I wait." Are you willing to hold fast to your state of mind, and practice patience. No matter what seems to be happening in your world, will you stand strong and trust that all will be well, that abundance is coming, no matter what! I love the no matter what promise, it stands for determination and perseverance. If you don't give up on yourself, your dream, it is sure to come about.

Abundance has come to me in so many ways in the last 3 days. My car is on its last wheel and though I've wanted a new one for some time, my hubby has pushed for us to carry on with the junker. It is acting up again and when I called him yesterday to tell him he said "what do you want to do?" I said "Get a new car!" His response? "I think we should get you a new car, you really deserve it." You know what, I agree. And it feels so good that he offered this up and now we are looking for one. Abundance!

My first Sigh yoga IntenSati class is on Monday. It is full, and there is a WAITING list! Abundance!

I haven't written because I have had an Abundance of client appts. Wow, it is showing up everywhere and I am so grateful for all of it.

Monday night was my first new meal and I made Lime and Honey glazed Salmon with Basmati rice and Broccoli. It was a great dish, a bit sweet and my husband doesn't love sweet for dinner so this recipe didn't make the grade. I already decided I would only share the awesome ones and since this was ok but not terrific I will pass on writing it up here.

I am off to my sister's for breakfast tomorrow and we will be making French toast with Pears and Pomegranate sauce. We'll see how it does and if it passes the share test (it must be a minimum of an 8 on a scale of 1-10). So excited to be trying these new things.

Have a day filled with abundance, L-

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Beth said...

French toast .... wish it sounded good but at this point with an abundance of flu symptons just doesn't. That abundance of health that I had last week (and took for granted) I am hoping to have return soon ... have a wonderful time with those kidos ... miss you love you!