Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pre-pave- Day 11

My #1 desire for today:

I have 8 people IntenSati class today and we rock the house. Everyone is engaged and using the affirmations and it is the most fun ever!

9 people in class today YAH! And we rocked the house, they were so expressive and loved it. My 8 and 9 walked in late and they all know about the pre-paving I am doing from my class intros so when Wendy walked in I said "You made my class pre-pave for the day!" Everyone cheered. Then Lynn walked in a few minutes after and I said, "You are my 9, you exceeded my dreams for today" and everyone let out a whoop! I LOVE that people are getting so comfortable and having so much fun, it is what this class is all about!
(Am I in bold? Yes! It was that great!)

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